With our assistance, farm labor agencies have leveraged more than $130,000,000!



Since 1981, FNPH has been the Southeast Regional Contractor for USDA Rural Housing Services' (RHS) Mutual Self-Help Housing TA Grant Program. Our primary purpose is to help housing agencies build capacity, enabling them to be more productive in their communities.
Eligible organizations can receive administrative grants through the RHS Section 523 TA Grant Program. These funds can be used to hire staff and pay other administrative costs to recruit families, provide homeownership counseling, package mortgages, and provide construction supervision and training. A typical grant is two years.
Mortgages are provided primarily through Rural Development's Section 502 Loan Program. Qualifying families can receive 100% financing with subsidized interest rates The Southeast Region has served over 11,000 people through the Self-Help Housing Program.


Our Farm Labor Housing program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor as "Lead Agency" for the Southeast Housing Consortium. As Lead Agency, we monitor funds and provide assistance to agencies in Delaware, Florida and Mississippi.
We also provide technical assistance and training to non-profit housing corporations and units of local government to develop, own and manage housing for farm workers (see pictures of housing below) in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. We assist agencies in leveraging other sources of funds (e.g., HOME, SHIP, CDBG) to lower the mortgage from the primary lender, Rural Housing Services. For a list of Farm Labor Housing Developments financed by USDA/RD in the state of Florida, click here.
With our assistance, agencies have leveraged more than $130,000,000 for nearly 3,000 rental housing units for farm workers in the southeast.


Florida Non-Profit Housing (FNPH) serves as an agent for the Department of Labor's Temporary & Emergency Housing Assistance Program. This statewide program helps migrant and seasonal farm workers with rent and utilities payments. Funds are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If you need assistance, please contact our office for an appointment. Here is a list of qualifications and documentation you'll need when you come in.


FNPH will also assist migrant and seasonal farm workers in DeSoto, Hardee and Highlands counties to (1) determine if they can qualify for a mortgage and (2) determine if they can qualify for home repair funds.